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Evergreen Demo Installation for the Czech Environment

Evergreen demo installation (as of March 2nd, 2024, version 3.11.1 is used) localized to Czech and containing Czech data is available at:

https://evergreendemo.jabok.cuni.cz/ (online catalog) and https://evergreendemo.jabok.cuni.cz/eg/staff/ (web client). M The installation is based on sample data set known as Concerto (https://wiki.evergreen-ils.org/doku.php?id=qa:concerto_logins) used by the community demo servers.

The Czech demo installation is intended for everyone interested in testing Evergreen with Czech data. It contains 101 bibliographic records (with the exceptions of records representing e-books and e-serials, holdings are also included), 10 authority records, 10 patron records and 10 library staff records.


If you are not familiar with Evergreen yet, you can benefit from information available through this documentation portal. We especially recommend a section entitled Manuály (in the left sidebar; in Czech only). For the English speaking audience, we recommend the official Evergreen documentation available from https://docs.evergreen-ils.org/.


You can log in to the demo database using logins for library staff in Table 1.

Table 1: Library Staff Logins

First Name Last Name User Type Username Barcode Home Library (Work Org Unit) Password
Lucie Peřinová Catalogers kn1lperinova 12348111 Example Branch 1 (KN1) luciep1234
Jiří Novák Circulators bb1jnovak 12348222 Bookmobile 1 (BB1) jirin1234
Alena Plachtová Circulators bb1aplachtova 12348333 Bookmobile 1 (BB1) alenap1234
Vít Novotný Acquisitions pob1vnovotny 12348444 Example Branch 1 (POB1) vitn1234
Ivana Báječná Acquisitions Administrator pob1ibajecna 12348555 Example Branch 1 (POB1) ivanab1234
Petr Mochov Cataloging Administrator kn4pmochov 12348666 Example Branch 4 (KN4) petrm1234
Jitka Ondříčková Circulation Administrator kn4jondrickova 12348777 Example Branch 4 (KN4) jitkao1234
Tomáš Kemr Local Administrator kn3tkemr 12348888 Example Branch 3 (KN3) tomask1234
Alena Malá System Administrator kn3amala 12348999 Example Branch 3 (KN3) alenam1234
Jiří Podhrázský Global Admin (with highest permission) kn2jpodhrazsky 12348100 Example Branch 2 (KN2) jirip1234

You can log in as a patron using sample logins for patrons in Table 2.

Table 2: Patron Logins

First Name Last Name User Type Username Barcode Home Library Password
Hana Loukotová Patron (an expired account) LoukoHana 12345069 Bookmobile 1 (BB1) hanal1234
Aneta Kikorová Patron (account that is about to expire) KikoAnet 12345320 Example Branch 2 (KN2) anetk1234
Alexandra Kubešová Patron (a valid account) KubeAlex 12345389 Example Branch 4 (KN4) alexk1234
Eva Kovandová Patron (a valid account) KovaEva 12345003 Example Branch 3 (KN3) evako1234
Natálie Šandorová Patron (a valid account) SandNata 12345576 Example Branch 2 (KN2) natas1234
Jakub Bednář Patron (a valid account) BednJaku 12345599 Example Branch 1 (KN1) jakub1234
Viktorie Dienstbierová Patron (a valid account) DienVikt 12345876 Example Branch 1 (KN1) viktd1234
Kateřina Dospivová Patron (a valid account) DospKate 12345660 Bookmobile 1 (BB1) kated1234
Daniel Pecháček Patron (a valid account) PechDani 12345999 Sub-library 1 (POB1) danip1234
Darja Šnáblová Patron (a valid account) SnabDarj 12345871 Example Branch 1 (KN1) darjs1234

Bibliographic Records

The list of all bibliographic records can be pulled using the -xxx or * query in the online catalog.

You can get URLs to all of the bibliographic records (from record #1 to record #101) by appending the record number to the URL: https://evergreendemo.jabok.cuni.cz/eg/opac/record/, e.g.:

The bibliographic records, with the exception of those representing e-books and e-serials, also include holdings data.

Authority Records

The database also contains authority records with IDs going from 1 to 10. You can edit them after logging in the web client with library staff credentials with appropriate permissions.

Individual records can be found using the following URLs:

Restoring the Database

The database will get wiped and replaced with the original data as needed. At first, our intentions are to restore the database every three months.


Scripts from the original demo installation/database which have been modified and used to fill the database with Czech data:

Modified scripts are (just like the original scripts) available under the GNU GPL. The scripts have been modified by Václav Jansa, using inputs provided by Eva Cerniňáková and Linda Jansová.

A prerequisite for running the scripts is a pristine Evergreen installation (see Evergreen Downloads).
Files with a cz prefix have to be copied to the directory of files extracted from the original installation tarball:

After installing the database (for more information, see step 13.2 of the installation guidelines) the following command is used:
psql -h localhost -p 5432 -U evergreen -d evergreen -f cz_load_concerto.sql

Furthermore, a couple of OPAC templates have been modified:

Localization to Czech is implemented using a set of steps described at Evergreen DokuWiki CZ.

The Czech demo installation was set up as part of a project entitled Evergreen Demo Installation and Improvement of the Infrastructure for the Operation and Extension of the SPOK Common Catalog which Jabok Library worked on in 2020, using financial support kindly provided by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic through its VISK 3 grant scheme.


Eva Cerniňáková - cernin@jabok.cz (Jabok Library)
info@osvobozena-knihovna.cz (Osvobozená knihovna, z.s.)

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